Maloni's "Litter of Eono"

Madilyn and Bek's litter of 6 were born January 29, 2011
Madi delivered 3 boys and 3 girls! 1/29/11 Sire:
Ch Diamond's Bekua Live at Red Rocks, CGC, GRC, OF, OAJ, OA, HIC
DOCNA Agility Titles - C-BSA, C-BTA, C-BGA, C-BSLA, C-BJA

Bek at

They have 3 boys and 3 girls. We gave them names for idenification on the web site. In birth order they are
 Malia (Ella)
Niki ( Niki)

       Jama ( Keb Mo)
          Nani ( Kya)
Jesse (Leo)

    Jake ( Kiowa)

Madi has been a wonderful mom. She delivered all 6 puppies with little effort, and never made a sound. We are very proud of her and look forward to sharing her litter with Kelly and the new families who are joining the Maloni Gang!
We so enjoyed having this litter with Kelly and her beautiful boy Bek.
Ella and Leo will be staying here locally. Look for them in the Agility and Show rings!
Keb Mo will be showing in Colorado!
Kelly came back for another visit to see the puppies and to take Keb home to his family in Colorado. We had a going away party for them! Everyone had a good time watching the siblings play!


Leo and keb are activly showing. Leo has 10 points with both majors and Keb in Colorado has 7! Keb just took a Mojor win in Colorado! Contrats to Kelly and Keb's family for doing such a great job with this beautiful boy!