Maloni's Mischief Managed
Chic# 66933
RR-El4223F27-VPI OFA Elbows Normal
RR-SH54F27-VPI OFA Shoulders Normal

Cerf# RR-1926-2009-14
RR-CA1335/31F/C-VPI OFA Cardiac Normal
RR-DM1234/27F-CAR  Carrier

This is our Madi. She has a personality that makes you laugh. We see now where Jaz is so much like mom Madi. 
 We love to see her show, but her real talent is in lure coursing.
She is an incredible athlete already. She is most at home when she is with her babies and running on our property. 

Madi has proved to be a great mom, she is a natural,she was great with the Villiage Litter of 14.  See more pics of Madi and her litters on the 2011 Litter page and the 2012 Litter pages.