Our 2012 Litter
" The Village Litter"

Madi 's second litter arrived June 26th!
8 boys and 6 girls
When we were told Madi was expecting we were thrilled. Zulu is such a sweet boy and we were sure they would have sweet babies. The sonogram showed 7 puppies and that was wonderful news. So when the x-ray showed 9 babies we were still happy but wanting to make sure we had enough really great homes we continued our screening process and hoped we would be able to place them all in the quality homes we always look for.
The big day came and about 10 a.m. the labor began and Madi being the calm quiet mom began having her litter, as the day went on we realized we were in for quite a busy summer... as the evening came we had 14 puppies. With each birth, Madi quietly whelped all 14 and enjoyed her treats between each puppy, ice cream being her favorite. Rocky was such a tiny boy, weighing in at just 7 oz, and we were worried for the first time that he may be to small to make this journey, we dilegently brought out the baby bottles and began the process of helping Madi get this huge litter on their feet. On the third of July we had a  violent storm and lost power for 2 days. Roy & Judy came to see the puppies and helped us manage with feedings and weights with no power. As the day turned into evening I found myself feeding puppies by flashlight and thinking about tiny Rocky and hoping we were doing enough. He did not like the bottle at all and fought it with each feeding, but we hung in there and with the help of Mark & Robin coming out often and helping feed the ones who needed supplementing, we kept Rocky going and as time would have it Robin and Mark have Rocky and now he is well over 80 lbs.
I call this the Village Litter because it really did take a village to get them ready for their new families.
I could write a book about all the love and all the help that came from this amazing litter and their families.
but for now I will just say I love all the villiagers and I'm so glad they are all part of our family here at Maloni Ridge!
I hope you enjoy this litter as much as I have....

They are now one year old.
 Please check back for more details and lots and lots of pictures!
We want to thank all the special families who have puppies from this litter,thanks for all the photos and stories about the kids.
We couldn't have done it without you! Keep those photos coming.

 The Line Up:
The Boys
     B1- Logan
        B3- Ichabod
       B4- Attiucs
B5- Taj
    B6- Cash
      B7- Tango

And the Ladies:
  G1- Ruby
G4 -Jaz
G5- Hali
   G6- Quinn