The Girls of Maloni Ridge

The girls of Maloni Ridge are Elsa,Madilyn,and Zeva.
Elsa and Madilyn are mother and daughter. They loved to run and hunt on the property. Madi is a very elegant and gentle girl with a wild side! Her name is "Maloni's Mischief Managed"! She loves to run with her brothers, Eli & Oliver.
Elsa was a wonderful mom and taught her pups all about hunting and chasing game. Elsa would never come in the house, rain or shine, if we didn't make her, and her pups have the same love of the outdoors! Out of our 24 acres we cut about 10 acres and the dogs love to chase the swallows when they come to feed on the insects when we mow. Madi along with Eli and Oliver have learned to be skillful and run along with  the swallows. It is really a beautiful site to see. We have plans to add some video to the site, please check back for updates.

Zeva is a very special additon to our girls at Maloni Ridge! Zeva is showing this summer and is half way to her championship! She is a really beautiful girl, and she comes from a very respected breeder in Arizona. Lin Hainlen has CopperRidge Kennels and we are so happy to be showing her special girl Zeva.

Champion Anjari's Born Free JC, CGC Breeding 

Champion Anjari's Born Free JC, CGC 
                                  " Elsa"                                      
We will be breeding Elsa this month. Please check back for details and pics of the future parents.