Glenwood Pet Hospital
          Located in Erie, Pa 
          3853 Peach Street

For the past 30 years my family and I have trusted our pets to Glenwood Pet Hospital. I was able to have the pleasure of being a employee of Glenwood's for a short time out of high school. It was a very rewarding job.
Dr. Ken Felix and the staff of Glenwood have been a huge part of our breeding program and we want to thank them very much for their support and guidance. Taking on the responsibility of breeding is only enhanced by the hard work and helpful guidance of a wonderful veterinary office. So for the countless phone calls and the house call for our wonderful litters, thanks to Glenwood for making it all possible. Sincerely, Lisa & Brian Arneman

We are very pleased to also be working with Animal Clinic Northview and Dr. Hutchinson for our breeding program. Please visit their site to see more about their facility and services.