The Boys Of Maloni Ridge
Kal & Oliver are available for stud!

Please visit their pages for OFA's and photos!
The boys here at Maloni Ridge are very special.
Kal is an amazing Ridgeback and his first litter has proved that he passes this on to his kids!
Oliver & Eli are growing up to be very strong and sweet boys. They are now 7 years old. Their gentle nature amazes visitors and yet they are the picture of strong athletic dogs!
Kaden is Kal's first male puppy and he is the image of dad. Beautiful features and sweet personality, he loves everyone and he is a huge hit with everyone he meets.

Kal is a grow up version of Oliver and Eli. Next to our Reggie, Kal is the biggest clown we have ever seen. Everyone who meets him falls in love. When you view Kal's page you will see the strong athlete and the couch potato all rolled into one.
Please view their individual pages and fall in love with a boy from Maloni Ridge!
 Leo has just become a champion and has all of his health clearances done with great results! He is now available for stud for approved females.